nonton yuk

I grabbed my motorbike, and drove to Sumbawa Besar from Bali, crossing 2 straits.
From Mataram, it’s just about 3 hours to Kayangan Harbor, Lombok, crossing the sea for 2 hours, then driving again for another 3 hours to Sumbawa Besar.

All I can say is, Moyo island is truly beautiful, and it’s not just about the ‘Lady Di’ or Mata Jitu waterfall only. This island is much more than that.

Nyongkolan is a traditional wedding ceremony in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

We went around Banyuwangi by motorbike from Bali. It took about 4 hours slowly driving from Denpasar to Gilimanuk harbor, then half hour by ferry to cross the strait.

Banyuwangi is truly beautiful, we went to Pantai Merah or Red Beach, Baluran National Park, and Rumah Apung, or Floating House where you can feed and swim with the fishes.

Dalam perjalanan dari pulau Buru menuju pulau Seram, kami singgah sebentar di kota Ambon. Karena waktu dan dana yang terbatas :), tak banyak yang sempat kami kunjungi saat di Ambon. Kami hanya sempat keliling kota, pantai Pintu Kota, dan mencicipi rujak Natsepa yang wah….recommeded banget.

We met this awesome guy when we visit Batu Angus beach. He’s the head of Batu Angus Resort conservation agency. Kindly, he allowed us to join him in releasing a Tarsius found in a local people’s house in its own habitat.

Tarsius is a genus of Tarsier, endemic to Sulawesi. Here it’s in Batu Angus Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi.

Jailolo is a small, peacefull city, in West Halmahera. We spend few days here, in Payo village, Jailolo.

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